What is the joyful home society?

It’s a gentle and personalized approach to home decorating, organizing your space, and telling your personal story through the walls of your home. 

The joyful home society is a monthly membership for anyone wanting support in refreshing their home and bringing JOY back to the center of their life.

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sound like you?

The joyful home society is for you if...

You’re capable, creative, and smart but your home doesn’t currently reflect your JOYS and passions.

You’re a parent and you’re not sure how to keep the chaos under control and still have pretty things. 

Your home is ready for a refresh but you’re a bit overwhelmed by the many decisions and choices. 

You want to create order, beauty, peace, and calm in your home.

You’re tired of your boring space being a quiet drain on your energy.

You’re ready to invest in yourself by putting JOY back in the center of your home and life.

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"Having a plan like this makes me feel peaceful. Tessie’s step-by-step process is very easy to follow and so common sense." 

– Kristin Buchta

For the past 20 years I’ve been moving with my family across the world. I’ve dedicated my adult life to creating a joyful home and I know the power of having a space that functions well, reflects your values, and welcomes friends. The trouble is… life tends to get in the way! I’m all about accepting the “messy middle” and finding joy in the everyday moments of life. 

I’ve learned that having a JOYFUL home isn’t about having lots of stuff, or spending loads of money. It’s not about throwing everything out and starting over. It’s about assessing what you already have, being intentional about the items you allow inside your home, and crafting an environment that lets your heart be happy, your mind be open and allows your lungs to breathe freely. 

I’m in the process of fixing up our 100 year old lake house and I want some friends to join me! So should we do this together? I’d love to invite you to come along with me as we create a joyful home! 

Hi, I'm Tessie!

How does the membership work?

a slow and gentle pace

We’ll focus on one room per quarter and have “goal posts” to keep you making progress. This isn't meant to add stress or overwhelm into your life—it's meant to provide joy in the process as well as the result. 

Personalized for your needs

You get to decide how involved you want your room "refresh" to be. You could completely redecorate your space from top to bottom, or choose to focus on one or two small things that will make a huge impact in making your space more joyful.

A community for support

You’re not alone! Lean on our community to post photos of your space, ask for suggestions or talk through a decision you're trying to make. 

Live q&a with Tessie

Get feedback from Tessie each month during our live sessions “Tea Time with Tessie!” Students will have an opportunity to submit specific questions for Tessie to answer. This is a great time to get personalized advice! 

Weekly lessons

Each week you’ll receive short digestible lessons to keep you moving forward on your space. These lessons will help you learn how to create pockets of joy in your home, giving you the confidence to continue designing your space.

Goal Posts

We'll set regular Goal Posts to keep you on track and moving forward to create a home you love. Goal Posts help you take this project one step a time. A little accountability goes a long way!

The Calendar

Our calendar for the year is broken up into four quarters. The first quarter we’ll focus on finding your personal decorating style, creating a whole house mood board, and casting the vision for what you want your home to become over the next year. Before we start transforming your home we need to be sure we’re heading in the right direction and crafting a space that fits your personal tastes, your lifestyle and your vision.

During each subsequent quarter you’ll choose 1 room to focus on. We’ll spend the next three months redecorating that room together! I’ll provide weekly lessons, goal posts to keep you on track, and monthly LIVE Q&A sessions where I’ll answer your specific questions. 

Example lessons: Please note that this calendar is subject to change! Since this is our first year in Joyful Home Society I want to leave space and opportunity for our schedule to be customized for YOUR needs. I can’t wait to do this together!

Quarter 1: The Whole House

- Finding Your Personal Style
- Defining What’s Most Important to You

- Choose 3 Words to Define Your Unique Style
-  LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
-  Creating a Mood Board
- Creating a Whole House Color Palette

- Pockets of Joy: Find joy in a space that “bugs” you. 
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Mindset Shift - Joy Not Perfection
- The Shining Star - A Decorating Shortcut

Quarter 2: Pick 1 gathering space

(Gathering spaces include the living room, family room, den, dining room, basement or any other shared space) 

- Choosing a Room and Casting the Vision
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Purging to Allow for Room to Breathe
- Honoring Life Giving Collections, Sentimental Objects and Cherished Memories
- Choosing and Hanging Art

- How to Create a Floor plan 
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Choosing Area Rugs and Curtains
- The Importance of Layered Lighting

- Adding Something Unexpected to a Space
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- All about Styling Flat surfaces
- Your Room is Complete! Let’s Celebrate

Quarter 3: Pick 1 utilitarian space

(Utilitarian spaces include the kitchen, bathroom, mud room, closet, storage area, or garage)

- Choose a Room and Cast the Vision
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Declutter, Deep Clean, and a Shiny Sink
- Tips and Tricks for Organizing All the Things!
- The Power of Routines

- Using Your Workflow to Inspire a Space Setup
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Make it pretty! Small Touches to Spark Joy
- Honoring Sentimental Objects in Your Home

- The Power of Scent
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Guest Expert on Decorating Your Front Porch
- Forgotten and Half Finished Projects
- Your Room is Complete! Let’s Celebrate

Quarter 4: Pick 1 personal space

(Personal spaces include your bedroom, a family member’s bedroom, an office or any other private space)

- Choose a room and Cast the Vision
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Decluttering the closet- tips and mindset
- Choosing bedding and styling your bed

- Carving out your own personal pocket of joy
- LIVE Q&A Tea Time with Tessie
- Furniture Buying Tips and Resources
- Holiday Break!

- Demystifying Wallpaper 
- LIVE Q&A Tea Tie with Tessie
- Holiday Tour of My Home
- Holiday Break! Time to enjoy that beautiful home of yours! 

"Tessie has such a kind heart and a gift for seeing the true beauty in things. She has given me a new perspective of joy and gratitude. She is such a kind and intentional soul; with her guidance, every home can be one of true peace and joy."

– Sarah

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$25 / month

Annual Membership

Commit to one year of creating a joyful home and receive 2 months free!

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$250 / year

Are you an interior designer?

Nope! But I’m passionate about interior design and I would consider myself a “self taught” designer. Two decades ago I did one semester of design school and loved it! I learned color theory, floor planning, and the basics of design. Before I could finish school I had my first daughter and we moved across the country. For the next 20 years, and 12 houses later I’ve used each of our homes as my canvas and learning ground. I’ve learned how to adapt to my surroundings and create a joyful home that functions for the way we live and our stage of life. 


does this work for an apartment?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter the size of your home or your budget, I believe you can make any space into a JOYFUL one. 

What if I have kids?

I have 4 kids of my own and remember the days of sheer chaos! Ha! The good news is you can have a JOYFUL home no matter the stage of life you’re in. It’s all about creating a space that works with your current life and circumstances. 

what if i live alone?

You lucky duck! You won’t have to worry about mixing styles and making compromises. You can create a space that truly reflects the desires of your heart and reflects your personality. You are absolutely welcome here!

what happens when 1 year is over?

I look at our homes as a living and breathing thing. I believe they need steady care and love throughout the years. Every year, we grow and evolve as humans, our circumstances change and our life changes… so naturally our homes should change with us! My hope is that we can work on our houses together year after year, because if we keep up our homes with small and steady steps, we can avoid the chaos and keep that feeling of peace and harmony. 

What if i want to cancel?

You are welcome to cancel at any time! Even though I would love for you to join me forever- I know our life, our circumstances and our budget changes over time. I also understand that we may not be the perfect fit for each other and that’s ok! If you decide to cancel, I will be honored that you gave it a try. 

After cancelling, you will continue to have access to the library and community until your current billing cycle runs out.