The Joyful Home Society

Together we’ll conquer overwhelm, get organized, learn how to discover your personal style and create a home that truly reflects your personality and the way you live. 

Doors open in January and July. 

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Join surface pattern designer, Tessie Fay, as she shares her journey of attending Quilt Market and becoming a licensed designer in the fabric industry. Learn the step-by-step process of how she landed her first fabric line!

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In this class, we’re learning all about interior design in its simplest form. We’re shrinking it down, simplifying the process, and focusing on creating one small “pocket of joy” inside your home! 


I help people who are frustrated with the look and feel of their home to get organized and create spaces full of peace and beauty. I have a passion for interior design and am in the process of renovating our 100 year old home in Spicer, Minnesota.

I help fill homes with

Meet Your Teacher: Tessie


I’m all about loving deeply, giving ourselves grace, and living joyfully each and every day.

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the joyful room workbook

Whether you’re sprucing up a closet or tackling an entire room, I designed this workbook with you in mind. I know fixing up a room can be overwhelming, but this workbook will give you a head start in organizing your thoughts and gaining confidence to dive head first into decorating your space.

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When your physical space is cluttered, boring or uninspiring, it creates a quiet drain on your daily energy. It’s harder to focus and feels like chatter running in the background of your mind.

What if you could create a space that instead sparks joy and creativity? A space that when you walk in the door it brings a smile to your face and a calmness to your mind.  

Having a joyful home means having a space that matches your unique personality and functions for the way YOU live… It's like walking into a breath of fresh air every day! 

Do you feel a calling to make your home a more joyful place? 

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Are you ready to invest in yourself and create a JOYFUL home?
I can help with that.
Let's transform your home together. one room at a time.

The joyful home Society

My story

I’ve lived in 12 different houses and dedicated the past 20 years to creating a joyful home. I know how frustrating it can feel when your home is in chaos but I also know the peace and comfort that comes from having an intentional space. 

When we make the investment in ourselves to have a physical space that truly reflects our joys and passions, it allows us to focus on the things that are most important and love deeply. 

what it means to love deeply...

Listen: hold space, give love
Encourage: you are not alone, give grace
Uplift: share truth, create beauty

how i love to serve:

Filling lives and homes with joy
Making spaces beautiful and welcoming
Creating beauty in the world

love deeply.

"Having a plan like this makes me feel peaceful. Tessie’s step-by-step process is very easy to follow and so common sense." 


Seeking more joy in your life?

I'd love to walk this journey together! I truly believe anyone can cultivate a spirit of joy and peace in their life. Sometimes you just need a little help... and that's okay! I'm here to guide you on a path toward more joyful moments—living peacefully, laughing freely, and loving deeply. You deserve a home filled with joy and a life filled with love. I can't wait to encourage you along the way!

xo, tessie

You were made to thrive.