I'm a modern homemaker and artist living in Spicer, Minnesota. I teach people how to create a home that's 100% unique to them. I believe your home should embody your personality, honor your quirkiness, and support your daily life. I'm all about loving deeply, giving yourself grace, and finding joy in the little things.

Let's remember your

Hi, I'm Tessie!


My story

Creativity has weaved its way in and out of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up I loved decorating my bedroom, organizing my favorite collections, and sewing curtains and pillows to beautify my space. 

After getting married, having 4 kids, traveling around the world with the airforce and living in 12 different houses...I guess I’m still doing the same thing all these years later!  

I believe we’re greatly affected by our surroundings. When our physical space is in order and filled with beauty, there’s something magical that happens. Instead of feeling the pressure and weight of the world, our homes and spaces become a refuge from the world around us. We’re suddenly free to do those things that are most important. We’re free to let our light shine. We become our best selves. We find the clarity of mind to love deeply and live fully. 

The desire of my heart is that everyone can live in a space they adore, whether it’s a closet, a single room, an apartment or an entire house. Walking into a space that is uniquely yours brings a confidence and calm that’s often hard to find these days. I don’t believe you have to be “creative” or have special skills to create a space you love. You just need to be willing to put in the time, learn how to accept the messy middle, and have a friend to guide you through the process. 

what i believe...

Every woman deserves to live in a home she adores
Our physical spaces should match our personalities
An ordered space = A calm mind
Our home should tell our story

my favorite things

Fresh cut flowers (too bad I hate gardening)

Peppermint Salt Water Taffy (it can be hard to find but it’s soooo yummy)

Homemade Caramel Popcorn (I have the recipe memorized and I’m always looking for a friend to share it with)

I’d love to hold your hand and help you find the confidence to create the joyful space of your dreams. 

What home feels like to me:

A place to laugh freely and love deeply. Home to me is about the people who live there and the memories we make together. It’s about the way someone feels when they walk through your front door. 


A place to tell your own story. A place to honor sentimental objects, cherished memories and life giving collections.


A place to discover and express your personal style. My home is my favorite canvas! I love experimenting in my home and learning how to embrace JOY not PERFECTION.


"The best thing about Tessie is that not only does she have a great eye for design, she really digs in and listens. Every time I've called on Tessie for design help I've ended up with spaces I love because they're based on my tastes, guided by her expertise."

– Rachel K. Larsen

You were made to thrive.