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Let’s talk midlife! Whether you’re going through a midlife crisis or a midlife renaissance, let’s candidly chat about the challenges and beautiful possibilities of getting older. We’ll discuss redefining this next chapter, transitioning family dynamics, and joyfully embracing your current stage of life. It’s time to support each other and step into our midlife superpowers!

the podcast for Women Redefining their next Chapter

Teatime With Tessie

Teatime with Tessie

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Coming Summer of 2024!

A place to chat about all the things our moms never talked about. The good, the bad, and everything in between. 

a safe space

Listen in as I interview and chat with dear friends. Bring a cup of tea and join the conversation. 

Guest interviews

A candid conversation and personal experiences from my own life. Including raising my four children and navigating changing family dynamics. 

Real talk

What you'll find on the podcast:

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