Welcome to Raspberry Hill! Our 100 year old fixer upper on a beautiful lake in small town Minnesota. With a one acre lot and 4 separate buildings, we joke that this home will have a lifetime of projects! Come take a peek inside... 

Raspberry Hill
House Tour

Welcome to my Home

Kick your Shoes off and stay awile

Come on in! 

My Backyard Art Studio! 

video tour

Go behind the scenes and watch the video tour.

Studio After

The big reveal! Here's what it looked like once it was finished. 

 Studio Before

See the process of renovating the backyard art studio.

I have one goal when it comes to my home, and you should too… Make it a reflection of YOU! The things you love, your quirky collections, and a place to honor your favorite people and memories. 

Make Your Home the YOU-est YOU!

Home Goals...

Other Home Design Resources

Clear and simple steps for putting those finishing touches on your home! Learn how to style a bookshelf, mantle, nightstand, and bonus tips on how to hang art. 

Cheat Sheets

Wondering where to shop for home decor? I've got you covered! Download this list of my 40 favorite online stores to shop for home decor, fabric, wallpaper, rugs, and more! 

ultimate home decor shopping guide

Come decorate a corner of your home and turn it into a space that you LOVE! Creating a “pocket of joy” is quick, it’s easy to do on a budget, and it will instantly change the way you feel each time you walk into the room. 

Pocket of Joy course

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