Do you feel a calling to make your home a more joyful place? 

Then let’s do it! Let’s bring JOY back to the center of our lives. Let’s create a home where we can laugh freely and love deeply. A place where we can share our biggest dreams, seek our greatest comfort and live our most precious memories. It’s time to embrace the goal of JOY and not PERFECTION.

Let’s Start By Transforming a Space in Your Home!

Whether you’re sprucing up a closet or tackling an entire room, I designed this workbook with you in mind. I know fixing up a room can be overwhelming, but this workbook will give you a head start in organizing your thoughts and gaining confidence to dive head first into decorating your space.


Hi, I’m Tessie!

I help women who are frustrated with the look and feel of their home to get organized and create spaces full of peace and beauty. I have a passion for interior design and am in the process of renovating our 100 year old home in Spicer, Minnesota.

I’m all about loving deeply, giving yourself grace, and living joyfully each and every day.


Ready to narrow down your personal style and create a home that matches your personality?

Walking into a space that is uniquely yours brings a confidence and calm that’s often hard to find these days.

I don’t believe you have to be “creative” or have special skills to create a space you love. You just need to be willing to put in the time, learn how to accept the messy middle, and have a friend to guide you through the process. I’d love to hold your hand and help you find the confidence to create the joyful space of your dreams.



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