What to do With a One-Eyed Monkey

September 18, 2013


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

My little dude isn’t feeling well today 🙁

His stomach has been hurting 🙁  He has been on the couch, moaning every now and then, and watching ipad.

Luckily, he has his one-eyed monkey to keep him company…

So let me back up and tell you a little more about Isaac.  Isaac absolutely loves his stuffed animals!  

He has about 15 that he sleeps with EVERY night.  And I don’t just mean on his bed next to him…. I mean all tucked in under his blanket like this…

We like to pretend that each stuffed animal has a special power…. some keep away bad dreams, some remind him of all the people that love him, and some have completely silly powers like bowling ball chicken and flying piggy….

Anyway, I decided it was high time to wash all these little friends.  They all came out of the wash fresh and fluffy, but poor little kung fu monkey came out missing an eye 🙁  

*Note- Kung Fu Grandpa Monkey is very important to Isaac because he is the one that fights off the bad dreams!!

Well, I decided that poor little kung fu grandpa needed an eye patch after his major injury.  So I whipped one up.

Ahhh… much better!

Here is how I did it in less than 5 minutes…

First I got out the felt and cut one semi circle and one square.  Then I cut a piece of elastic to fit around kung fu monkey’s face.

Next I used the same technique that I used from the super hero masks tutorial. I sandwiched the elastic between the two pieces of felt, then sewed around the edges.

Last, I trimmed the square into a semi circle and it was done!  I like sewing felt this way (as opposed to just cutting out two semi circles) because I can be sure that my two pieces of fabric match up flawlessly.

And that’s it!  A quick fix for a one-eyed monkey!

Hopefully my little dude will get feeling better soon 🙂

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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