Rainbow Party

April 28, 2014


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

I can hardly believe my little Abby is 12!

Ever since she was born we have called her our little ray of sunshine.  She is so sunny and bubbly.  She is a joy to be around and always loves to be part of a good conversation. Abby is almost always willing to help and often asks how I am feeling and how my day was.

So what is the perfect party for a bubbly, sunny, fun-loving 12 year old?

A Rainbow Party, of course!

I wanted the various rainbow food to be the star of the show, so I placed everything on white dishes and a white table cloth.  To add a little extra color I used double sided tape to attach a few streamers to the table.

The cake turned out fabulous! I made mine using this recipe then frosted it using this technique from I am Baker.

The rosettes turned out so sweet and feminine.  And I promise it is easier than it looks.

The rainbow “happy birthday” candles were from Target.

And of course the inside was rainbow. The girls were all shocked when I sliced the first piece.

Rainbow Jello is a long standing tradition in our home.  We make it every year on Thanksgiving.  Instead of making it in a large glass pan, I made it in individual plastic cups (more fancy that way).

And to wash everything down…. rainbow juice!

For the rainbow juice I created a printable in microsoft word, cut it into a cloud shape then used a strip of rainbow scrapbook paper to go around each bottle.  The glass bottles were empty starbucks latte bottles that you can find at the grocery store. (These were actually the archer farms ones from Target.)

The secret “Rainbow Juice” potion was sprite, strawberry lemonade, and rainbow sherbet on top.

A few more table pretties…

Right before the party I started to cut up the pineapple for the fruit kabobs, but it had gone bad.  So our rainbow was missing the yellow. Oh well.

Instead of goodie bags I decided to make these tubes of skittles for each of the girls.  I found the plastic tubes and rainbow suckers at Hobby Lobby. 

The idea for the tubes and these beautiful printables are from My Sister’s Suitcase found here.

Didn’t they turn out lovely? 

During the party we ate, played color tag, and opened presents.  We were also going to paint nails, but I completely forgot. We also made gumball necklaces from this tutorial.  To make things easier I pre-drilled all the holes with a power drill. (Thanks for the idea, Britany!)  The girls loved it!

Also Abby made the most brilliant streamer rainbow across our ceiling, but I somehow did not get a picture of it 🙁 I hate it when that happens.

Happy Birthday Abby!  Thanks for being my ray of sunshine and lighting up our family!

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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