Wallpapered Nook- Take 2

October 8, 2015

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

I finally finished wallpapering the nook! Remember the great wallpaper debate we had a while back?  Well I changed it all up and now I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Cheery Nook with Wallpaper

The paper I chose was “Daydream” by Hygge and West.

Wallpaper Nook

It makes the perfect whimsical backdrop for my yellow sideboard.

Hygge and West Wallpaper in this cheery little nook

Atop the sideboard I placed my favorite bud vases and a ruffled bowl.

Cheery nook with wallpaper, bud vases, cake plate and ruffled bowl

I found these football mums at my local florist. Aren’t they beautiful?

Pink milk glass cake plate with bud vases and football mums

Cheery Little nook with football mums

I also have my chalkboard where I write a current scripture that I am “ponderizing”. “Ponderizing” is 80% pondering and 20% memorizing. I pick a new scripture every week and spend some time each day thinking about it. This week I am ponderizing Matthew 5:16. I love how seeing it every morning starts my day off on a spiritual note. (Read more about Ponderizing here.)

Be of Good Cheer Chalkboard

And on the other side of the chalkboard sits one of my favorite vases from Anthropologie and a few books I stole from my daughter’s bedroom.

Anthropologie Turquoise and Orange Vase

I guess the failed wallpaper project wasn’t a complete waste because I used the remnants to line the inside of the sideboard drawers.

Yellow Sideboard with wallpapered drawers

I just cut them to size then used double sided tape to attach it.

Oh Joy Wallpaper lining the drawers of this yellow sideboard

Here is my view when I come down the stairs each morning…

“Well Hello happy little birds and cheerful yellow sideboard! Why yes, it is nice to see you too!”

Cheery Wallpapered Nook

Wallpapering was a bit of a beast, but the second time around it was much smoother since I bought a few more tools to help me.  I found these wallpaper tools at Lowes.

Wallpaper Supplies

I also pasted all the papers on this folding table.  It saved my back from bending over and saved my wood floors from getting paste on them.

Table for Wallpaper

The hardest part was trying to cut a nice clean line on the edges.  I bought 2 brand new razor blades, but I still had trouble with the wet paper ripping. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to get a nice crisp edge I would love to hear them.

Cheerful Wallpapered Nook With Yellow Sideboard

I absolutely love how it turned out.  Even though it was a ton of work tearing down the old paper and repapering it again, it just makes me so happy to see it each day.

Cheery Wallpapered Nook

So does anyone have any good wallpaper tips? I’m all ears.

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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