Isaac’s Rock Birthday Party

June 9, 2016


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

Time marches forward and these kids just keep growing up way too fast. I can hardly believe that Isaac is 10!

Isaac's Rock Birthday Party

Isaac’s name came to me in a dream when I was 7 months pregnant. It was early morning and I was holding this sweet little baby. I was staring into his eyes and giving him little nuzzles and kisses when he started rooting on my chin. I started laughing and looked him straight in the eyes and said, “You’re not an Evan, You are an Isaac.” And then I woke up. I immediately called my husband and told Cora and Abby about the dream and everyone agreed that we just had to name him Isaac.

I later found out that Isaac means laughter. If there is one thing that Isaac brings to our family, it is laughter. He is constantly making us giggle with his funny faces and silly jokes and his GIGANTIC smile!  We love you Isaac!

Isaac's Rock Birthday Party

For his birthday party this year we decided to throw him a party all about rocks. It seems like most 10 year olds are pretty fascinated with rocks, crystals, and geodes. The boys had lots of fun identifying polished rocks, cracking geodes and going on a treasure hunt.

A "Rock" birthday party filled with geodes, rock candy, pop rocks and polished rocks.

I had this little black banner leftover from another party. I flipped it over to write “Isaac Rocks”  on the back.

A "Rock" birthday party filled with geodes, rock candy, pop rocks and polished rocks.

During the party we were going to be collecting all sorts of different rocks and crystals and I didn’t want the boys to get them mixed up. These little cloth bags were the perfect size and I was able to stamp their names on top.

Little cloth bags for a birthday party. Can be stamped with whatever you like.

I was feeling pretty ambitious with the cake and followed this tutorial to make my very own edible geodes. They turned out pretty well and the boys couldn’t believe that they could actually eat them!

Geode birthday cake for a rock birthday party.

Goode birthday cake with homemade sugar geodes.

It couldn’t be a rock party without rock candy….

Old Fashioned Rock candy for a rock birthday party.

And pop rocks, of course!

Pop Rocks for a Rock birthday party.

I got these real live Geodes and we spent some time breaking them in the back yard. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of that part because we were having so much fun. The boys were amazed that there were real crystals inside!

Geodes for a rock birthday party.

To finish things up we went on a treasure hunt throughout the neighborhood.

Treasure hunt for a rock birthday party.

Finally buried in the back yard the boys discovered the treasure… a box full of giant fake diamonds. Everyone got a handful for their bag.

Fake giant diamonds. The treasure at the end of a treasure hunt for a birthday party.

We finished up with cake and ice cream.

A "Rock" birthday party filled with geodes, rock candy, pop rocks and polished rocks.

Happy Birthday Isaac! You are a goofball and we love you for it!

Rock Birthday Paty

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