Mark Makers Mastermind with Bonnie Christine

April 7, 2023


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

I’m on the airplane flying home from the most incredible 4 days. Who knew that Nashville could light my heart on fire so? 

Meet the Mark Makers Mastermind. I was able to spend the last four days with a group of 30 women who are not only incredible businesswomen, but are some of the kindest, most heartfelt, and most giving humans I’ve ever met. These women are making big, bold, and beautiful marks in the world.

Nashville, TN Spring 2023

They are my sisters. Similar women that understand my drive, my creativity, and heart. They know about my family, children, business, and soul. 

What is a mastermind? 

I’ve been part of the Mark Makers Mastermind for four years now, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s a group of 30 creative entrepreneurs that have been a lifeline for my business. We learn together, brainstorm together, and support each other in our online businesses.

We talk almost daily, but the real magic comes when we meet in person twice a year. This past week we had the pleasure of going to Nashville, Tennessee.


The most beautiful thing about these women is they are includers. They are kind, giving, and share their knowledge freely. These women are intentional and believe that ANYTHING is possible. 

Have you ever been in a room of people like that? A room where you can share your deepest dreams and desires and no one bats an eye? It truly is quite magical.


These beautiful Mark Makers are not only dreamers… they’re doers. Over the past four years, I’ve seen it happen again and again. Someone will have a dream, they’ll work their tails off, slog through the messy middle, and come out on the other side with something beautiful that didn’t exist in the world before. Each time it happens, I watch in awe and amazement. It’s truly an inspiration to behold.


I’ve also seen big ideas flop and had a few of my own crash to the ground with disappointing outcomes, but THESE women have helped me pick up the pieces. They offer advice, help me see what went wrong, give love, and tell the truth even when it’s hard to hear.

These are true friends that celebrate your successes, sit with you in your depths of sorrow, and love you in every phase in between.

They have taught me how to be part of a community. How to protect my time, yet give with an open and generous heart. They’ve taught me to dream big, take action, and most importantly that my potential is limitless.

TOP LESSON I’VE LEARNED: Give Voice to your fears

Phoenix Spring 2022

Sometimes I feel small. Sometimes I look around and wonder if I really belong here. I think I’m not worthy, I’m not ready, and people must know I’m an imposter. I find myself thinking these thoughts when I have been quiet. When I stop talking to my sisters. If I’m quiet for too long, I get stuck in my head.

But each time I speak aloud and share how I’m feeling, the shame melts away and their words pull me back up again. It’s ok. We’ve all been there. This work we do is hard. It takes courage, but it’s worth it. Then I remember… I remember my sisters. I remember that I am a Mark Maker. 

How I’m making a mark

Franklin, NC Fall 2021

I want to make an impact on this world and be the best version of myself. I want to continuously be growing, learning, and improving. The impact begins with me and then radiates out to my home, my family, and the world. For each person that enters my home, I want them to feel loved, accepted, and seen. My mark on my home is creating a place of warmth, love, possibility, safety, and BEAUTY. Yes, beauty. I want it to be beautiful. Then I want to take that beauty and share it with the world!

I had so many good ideas this past week in Nashville about adding more beauty to our world. I’ll be sharing some of them soon… but until then remember to keep dreaming, keep reaching and continue to make YOUR mark on our world.

Photos of the Mark Makers over the years:

Ashville, NC Fall 2022
That time we broke the bed as we all piled on for a group photo 😂
My dear friend Genna Blackburn
Finally meeting Barbel Dressler IN PERSON after being online friends for YEARS.
Bonnie Christine, our fearless leader

A session by Lissie Teehee

Want to learn more about the mark makers?

Check out this podcast from the Creative Professional! You can listen along as we share our biggest takeaways from 2022. I share my advice at the 19 minute mark 🙂

And here’s a list of the incredible women that are part of this group for 2023! Go check them out and give them a follow ❤️

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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