Want a Quick Home Fix? Create a Pocket of Joy in One Afternoon

December 9, 2022


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

Every time I walked up the stairs to my bedroom I hated it. We’d been living in our house for a year and a half and I hadn’t done anything to fix it up.

As I walked up the stairs, my eye went straight to that horrible paint color on the walls. Then I looked at the imperfections that dotted the room and I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t have the time to paint and I wasn’t ready to hire someone, so I found myself stuck in decorating limbo. Have you ever felt that before?

Finally, one afternoon I decided it was time to create a little joy. Even if I couldn’t redo the entire room, why couldn’t I focus on one small area?

Focus on one small area

I took an old sentimental vanity and decided to turn it into a nail painting station. It would be a spot to sit and pamper myself. One small corner that would be just for me. I gathered a few things from around the house, did a bit of online shopping, and waited for my items to arrive. Then I spent one glorious afternoon putting it all together. I had so much fun rearranging things and creating my own little pocket of joy.

And the most magical thing happened! After that, each time I walked up the stairs to my bedroom my eyes went straight to this pocket of joy I’d created. It gave me this warm and happy feeling because I loved it so much and I didn’t even notice the other things that had been bothering me before.

You can start fixing up your home and creating rooms and spaces you LOVE right now. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if the rest of the room is a hot mess, you can still create one small pocket of joy.

What’s a pocket of joy?

A pocket of joy is a small space or area in your home that you love. It’s not a whole room. It’s one tiny area, a corner, a wall, a bookshelf, or any small space that you LOVE.

Why Create a Pocket of JOY?

  1. It’s FUN!!! It’s a time to play and experiment. It’s good for the soul.
  2. It changes the feeling of a room. It’s a place where your eyes can focus in a happy way.
  3. It creates a feeling of accomplishment. Even if you’re waiting on bigger projects you can find joy NOW.

How to Start

Think about a space in your home that needs a little love or TLC. It could be a spot that feels too empty or a place that’s feeling cluttered. Possible spots could include: a bookshelf, nightstand, dresser, closet, shelves, empty wall or corner, desk, entryway, or any space you want to fix up!

Steps to Creating your Pocket of JOY

  1. Clean it Up!
    • Get rid of things you no longer need, do a bit of organizing, and wipe down the space so it’s nice and clean.
  2. Shop Your Home or Shop a Store
    • Shop your home first to see what you can repurpose to freshen up your space. Buy extra things if needed and don’t forget about shopping at thrift and antique stores.
  3. Pick a Shining Star Object
  4. Create and Play
    • This is the fun part! Start putting different things together and experimenting until you find something you like.
  5. ENJOY!!
    • Celebrate your accomplishment and enjoy your new space.

Examples of other Pockets of Joy

Here are a few examples of little nooks and corners I’ve fixed up inside my home. Click on each image to learn more about that particular space.

Tessie Fay Miniature Collection

My Miniature Collection

Nail painting station

The nail painting station

Tessie Fay Art Table

My art studio desk

Tessie Fay Teacups

Display shelves for my Grandma Ethel’s teacups

Want more?

If you want to learn more about creating a pocket of joy inside your home you can check out my Skillshare class which is a deeper dive into the process.

And if you’re looking for places to shop online for home decor you can download the Ultimate Home Decor Shopping Guide where I share my favorite places to shop online.

See you next week!

xo, Tessie

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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