New Collection! Sweet Abigail Fabric for Windham Fabrics

September 2, 2022


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

I’m thrilled to announce my newest fabric collection, Sweet Abigail, is now available for preorder!

Sweet Abigail fabric by Tessie Fay and Windham fabrics

Watch the Sneak Peek Video

The Inspiration Behind Sweet Abigail

The inspiration for this collection came from my daughter Abby. Ever since the day she was born, Abby has been a ray of sunshine!

She is warm, and inviting, and has a gift for getting along well with others. Her reflex is to love people fully, deeply, and quickly. She is a defender of womanhood, a lover of diversity, and sees beauty in everyday moments.

Abby is currently serving an 18-month mission and has been away from home for over a year. Although my mama’s heart is missing her like crazy, I’ve had so much fun thinking of her as I designed this collection. My hope is that it captures the joy, sunshine, and gratitude that embodies my sweet Abigail.

The Beginning Sketches

Each of my fabrics begin with a sketch or a painting. I love exploring colors and shape through good old paper, pencil, and paintbrush.

floral painting for Sweet Abigail fabric

The Fabric

The fabric is 100% cotton and is made up of 7 prints in various colors. They are perfect for mixing and matching. It consists of florals, ginghams, stars, and girls from all over the world.

Sweet Abigail fabric

I’m loving these deeper shades of midnight blue!

Sweet Abigail fabric in midnight blue by Tessie Fay

Below is one of my favorite prints in the collection! It features girls from all over the world. I don’t usually sketch people in my designs, but my daughter Abby has a gift for making friends and I knew the collection wouldn’t be complete without it 🙂

Sisterhood fabric by Tessie Fay
Sisterhood Fabric from Sweet Abigail

Abby’s favorite colors are pink and yellow so I knew they had to be included. I especially love the vintage vibe of the brown and yellow in the bottom floral “flower child”.

Sweet Abigail fabric by Tessie Fay

These purple/pinks just make me happy!

Sweet Abigail fabric. Starlight and flower child.

And here’s the entire collection! Perfect for anyone in your life that exudes sunshine!

Sweet Abigail Fabric by Tessie Fay and Windham Fabrics

When will Sweet Abigail be available?

Sweet Abigail is currently available for shops to preorder through Windham Fabrics and will be available to the public in February 2023.

To be notified when the fabric is available, sign up here!

I seriously can’t wait to start sewing with it <3

xo, Tessie

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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