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September 4, 2013

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

Hello dear friends,

I am happy to announce that I am finally back blogging again!  I know it has been quite a while, but life just got a little crazy as it sometimes does.

The craziest thing that happened was that I was in a play! It was a musical about the Mormon Pioneers entitled “Come Home to Kanesville”.  I played the part of Mary Lewis, a young widow, travelling across the planes in her covered waggon.  Her waggon brakes down in Kanesville and she ends up falling in love with the property owner, a crazy Irishman.  The show was wonderfully written with lots of humour, beautiful songs and fabulous dancing.

Me and the crazy Irish Man!

So how did I end up in a play? Well, I fell in love with the theater when I saw my first play at age 10.  I can still remember sitting in that seat and feeling the magic of the show! I decided that very night that I wanted to be an actress.  On the back of the program was a blurb about acting classes and I begged my mom to sign me up.  I started classes shortly after and soon was trying out for plays.  I continued doing plays and musicals all through Jr. High and High School and even decided to be a theater major at college.

But shortly after starting college, I fell in love with my dearest love, CJ.  We soon got married and I decided that the most important thing to me was having a family.  I wanted to be a mother and I wanted to stay home with my children.  I gave up the theater and decided to put all of my talents and love into raising my children and becoming a mother.  I have never regretted that decision, but every time I go to a show my heart gets a little pain because I miss it so much!

Of course, my children and I are always fooling around the house… doing silly voices, silly songs, making crazy faces… and my children are my biggest fans!  They say things like, “You could have been famous mom!”  “You are so good at voices!” or my favourite, “How do you make your face DO that??”  The worst is when Isaac starts bragging to his friends and wants me to do silly voices, or sing like an opera singer….. uh…. embarrassing!

Well, about a year ago my oldest daughter, Cora, said that I should try out for a play.  Cora is 13 now and a great little babysitter.  She said she would baby sit for free and she thought that it was time for me to be on stage again.  My husband’s work schedule is completely crazy, so those of you that know us know that this was a big responsibility for Cora to take on.

Cora on her 13th birthday

So…. I auditioned.  I made an audition tape and sent it in and to my great delight I was cast in a leading role!

It was scary going back.  I didn’t know if I could still do it, if I was any good.  And to make things even more stressful, instead of having a normal rehearsal schedule, our show was compressed into only 10 rehearsals!  10 rehearsals!  That is absolutely crazy.  Because we put the show together so quickly, everyone had to be completely memorised and “off script” before the first rehearsal.  I spent about a month learning my lines and my music.  Then rehearsals began and before I knew it we were into dress rehearsal.

But somehow it all came together and the whole experience was absolutely amazing.  Deep friendships were made and I think that many hearts were touched.  All in all, I spent one month memorising then another month rehearsing and doing performances.  It was amazing being back on the stage and building those deep friendships again.

The entire month was exhilarating and exhausting! And my poor family missed me like crazy!  They were so happy to have me home again.  And you know what?  I was just as happy to be home.  It feels so good to be tucking them in at night and reading them stories… Eating dinner with the family and helping the kids with homework.  I have been so content to be home. I feel so blessed to have had the support of my family through the play.  CJ was absolutely incredible and so overwhelmingly supportive.

And the best part of being done with the play, I have time for projects again!  Hooray!  So check back often because I have lots of fun things in the works.

All is well!

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