Oilcloth Coasters- Quick and Easy Gift Idea

December 9, 2015


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

Oh oilcloth, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. your bright cheery colors, your slick wipeable surface, your retro patterns, your ease of sewing.  Oilcloth, you make me smile.

Oilcloth Coasters

These little oilcloth coasters were so quick and easy to make! And I mean seriously quick- I made all 8 coasters in less than an hour.

Oilcloth Coasters

If you have never used oilcloth before it is a plasticy material that is super durable and easy to sew with. It’s completely wipeable so it is great for things like bibs, lunch sacks, diaper bags, aprons, tablecloths and chair covers.

Oilcloth can be hard to find at the big chain fabric stores but you can often find it at the boutique fabric shops.  My favorite place to buy it in the Twin Cities is from Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul… they have a great selection of oilcloth and the most swoon worthy felt in gorgeous colors. 

There are also lots of great places to buy it online like Oilcloth By The YardOilcloth Addict, and Fabric.com.

So, do you want to whip some up? 

You will need

  • Oilcloth
  • Trim
  • Felt (for the back)
Oilcloth Coasters

One super cool thing about oilcloth is you can draw right on the back.  So find a circle that is about 4 inches wide and trace it onto the back of your oilcloth.

Cut it out and use this oilcloth circle to cut out a matching circle of felt.

You should have two identical circles like this.

Next, place your two circles together and sandwich the trim between the two circles. I don’t usually use pins when I am sewing with oilcloth because it will leave holes.  So I just go slow and keep positioning the trim as I go.

Sew around the entire circle using a 1/8 inch seam allowance.

And that’s it! So simple and so quick.

Have fun experimenting with different trims and you will have a whole pile in no time.

Oilcloth Coasters

Happy Sewing!


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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