Our 100 Year Old House In Spicer, Minnesota

January 8, 2021

House Tour

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

We moved! After much soul searching and prayer our family made the choice to move from our newly built house in the Twin Cities to a 100 year old fixer upper on Green Lake in Spicer, Minnesota. I think if two houses could be complete opposites this new house and our old house would be it. I’ve honestly never lived in an old house before, but despite its many quirks (hello doors that don’t work properly) I’m completely smitten.


While thinking about what we wanted in this new house there were several things on the list. It needed to be closer to my husband’s work, we wanted to live on a lake (the great joys of being a Minnesotan), we (actually I) wanted a fixer upper and most importantly we wanted to open up our home to visitors, our college age kids and grandkids (someday).

This house ticked all the boxes. It was charming, beautiful, situated on a gorgeous lake, and allowed us room to share our life with others. And boy oh boy, there are endless projects for my little self to fix up 🙂


We bought the house in the dead of winter, covered in snow. We had never seen the grounds and only saw the house 2 times before moving in. The day we closed, I was stunned by the natural beauty of the property and the old details that I missed the first time around.

Here’s a quick video of the front yard. Hearing the birds chirp and seeing the lush vegetation still gives my heart a little pitter patter!

On the day we moved in the air was filled with the scent of fresh lilacs. They were the perfect backdrop to these antique lamp posts flanking the entrance to our driveway.


The back of the house is filled with giant windows that face the lake. Did I mention we moved onto a lake? Being a “boating” family we’ve always had a life long dream of stepping out the back door and hopping onto the boat. I can still hardly believe we’re actually living here.


The previous owners had quite the green thumb and I was amazed and delighted by the plethora of flowers and greenery that lined our property


Charming brick walls lined with flower beds created a bit of a secret garden feel.


Lilacs lined the driveway in the spring and the smell was intoxicating.

Below is a shot of our front door on the day we moved in. Even though I want to change and update most every surface of this house, I want to be sure to keep the charm and many of the original features.

After entering the front door, you step into this front porch. It serves as our mud room. I’m in love with the original windows.


This old house is full of charm and old world details that I love. The banister is screaming for holiday garland and I love the stained glass window on the stairs.


Family Room

Dining room


Luckily the previous owners finished a beautiful kitchen remodel a few years before we bought the home.

IMG_9243 2.jpg

More details…



IMG_8940 3.jpeg

This room below is the den/library. It’s filled with built ins and has tons of potential once we get rid of that red ceiling and the outdated light fixtures.


The third floor attic was converted into an owner’s suite. The views of the lake are breathtaking.

IMG_8972 2.jpg

IMG_8955.jpegAnd the lake! The lake is absolutely gorgeous! Every day I wake up and can’t believe we live in such a beautiful place.





IMG_9134 3.jpg

Still wanting more? Below is a video walk through from the day we closed on the house. I have to warn you that it was hard to contain the excitement in my voice!

My husband and I are constantly joking (not joking) that we will have a lifetime of projects living in this home. We have big plans to redo it from top to bottom and I can’t wait to see how the process unfolds. Stay tuned next week to hear about our first major project… the art studio!!!

xo, Tessie

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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