Day 7: The Overflow Guest Room

October 13, 2022

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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Every summer our house turns into “Hotel Snow”. Since we live on a lake (and our friends live all over the country) we tend to get LOTS of visitors and we love it!!

With each new group of guests, we often play musical beds to make sure EVERYONE is comfortable. My son, Isaac, has a large room with an amazing view, so he’s often the first to get kicked out. Luckily I finally created an overflow room for Isaac to crash in or anyone else needing an extra bed!

Before The Overflow Guest Room

This tiny little room has gone through several transformations over the last two years. Here’s what it looked like when we first moved in. Fabulous pink carpet and all!

I quickly decided to rip out the carpet and expose the original hardwood underneath. It was messy and backbreaking work, but it felt amazing to get the years of dust and grime out of there.

ripping out carpet

Once the carpet was gone, it transformed into Emma’s “doll room”. She had fun crafting and playing American girl dolls in here, but soon she was doing more “teenager” things and playing with dolls less and less.

Room filled with American Girl Dolls

So we packed up the dolls and decided it would get more use as an overflow guest room 🙂

After The Overflow Guest Room

Here’s what it looks like now! Isn’t it sweet? The twin daybed perfectly fits in the space and the vintage painting was a great jumping off point for all the added greens and yellows in the space.

Green and yellow overflow guest room

In the opposite corner there’s just enough room for a small chair and side table.

bedroom corner with green velvet chair

I was lucky enough to find this vintage floral at a thrift shop this summer. I couldn’t believe how perfectly it matched the rest of the room.

Thrift store floral artwork with green mat and frame

And of course I had to add a couple of green books to the side table 🙂

Green antique book Skipper by George Netman

Replacing the old light fixture and getting bamboo blinds were a great addition for bringing the space into the current century 🙂

Overflow guest room with bamboo blinds. Green and yellow accents

The bamboo blinds are fabulous! I’ve ordered them several times for various spaces throughout our home. Ordering is quick and easy and the price is fairly low since they’re custom-made in China. There are several styles to choose from and they’ve been a lifesaver for our oddly shaped windows.

Affordable bamboo blinds from Amazon

A small but mighty room for anyone needing a bed 🙂

Overflow guest room daybed with green and yellow

Changes Made

  • Ripped out the carpet
  • Took down the curtains and replaced with bamboo blinds
  • Replaced light fixture
  • Added new furniture

Lessons Learned

  • Getting old carpet out of a room feels AMAZING!!!
  • It’s easy to choose a color palette if you have something as a jumping-off point (the green and yellow painting).
  • Sometimes the smallest rooms are the coziest!



If you’re just catching up, here are the previous posts in the “before and after parade!”

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing before and afters of my kitchen countertops and you’ll get to see some kitchen dancing as well!

See you tomorrow!

xo, Tessie

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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