Day 8: Painted Countertops + Kitchen Dancing

October 14, 2022


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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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I recently shared how I painted my granite countertops to look like marble and it was a huge hit! It made such a big difference in the feeling of our home, that I knew I had to include them in the “Before and After Parade”.

Before the Painted Countertops

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE our kitchen. The previous owners did a beautiful job redoing it, but there was one thing that drove me crazy… Yep! Those granite countertops.

Granite countertops

Our kitchen island is HUGE and seats a whopping 8 people. It really is the center of our home and the place where everyone gathers on a daily basis.

The granite NEVER looked clean and it NEVER looked dirty… have you ever had something like that? It was gross.

Then, whenever I’d share photos of the space the granite was always a bit of an eye soar.

Do you believe these peonies??? They are GORGEOUS but not so great on that speckly backdrop…

After the painted countertops

After painting the countertops it changed the whole FEEL of the space. Now it feels like they just blend in with everything else <3

Farmgirl flowers on painted countertops

Before I felt like they were punching me in the face each day… ok… maybe not that extreme, but they were a constant nag.

Now I hardly notice them because they match the rest of the space.

Painted granite countertops

It also provided a much prettier backdrop for our kitchen dancing!!!

Tessie Fay kitchen dancing
Tessie Fay kitchen dancing
Tessie Fay kitchen dancing

Yes, I actually love them this much! Ha!

Painted granite countertops to look like marble

Two hundred dollars, two days of work, and ABSOLUTELY worth it!

painted countertops

Changes Made

  • Painted the countertops!

Lessons Learned

  • Crazy how a few days, paint, and epoxy completely changed the feel of my kitchen.
  • No more avoiding the counters in photos and videos! Yippee!
  • Kitchens are best for dancing 🙂


Recap and What’s Next?

If you’re just catching up, here are the previous posts in the “before and after parade!”

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the power of spray paint and sharing a couple of recent projects.

See you tomorrow!

xo, Tessie

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I'm Tessie -Welcome home!

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